I’m a 27-year-old software developer currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. Originally from Bloomington, IN, I became fascinated with tech and formed entrepreneurial interests at a young age.

01. General

Born and raised in Bloomington, I found myself living in a university town that continued to embrace technological evolution. From an early age, I found myself fascinated with how people use computers and how we can use them to solve real-world problems. With Indiana University putting a large focus on both art and technology, I became driven to create something that would change the world.

02. Education

I attended Indiana University because of its artistic style, intelligence on behaviorisms, and computing school. Not knowing 100% what I wanted to do at first, I began working on a degree in Computer Science. As I continued through school, I quickly realized that the CS program was geared more towards machine learning, back-end development, and data structures and grew away from it.

Because of this, I changed my degree from Computer Science to Informatics with a minor in Computer Science. I also worked to obtain a certificate of game studies through the university’s Media School. After switching to Informatic I met a few graduate students in the HCI/d program and gained an interest in UI/UX. This pushed me into the Informatics program where I worked day and night to become a better, more well-rounded developer that made use of UI/UX best practices.

03. Life Now

I now live in Indianapolis, IN with my two dogs, Hugo and Zara (you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram).

Being a short drive from the racing capital of the world, I grew up playing with toy cars, building model cars, and riding dirtbikes which led to a burning passion for all things automotive. This love for the automotive world led to me pursuing a young childhood dream – to own my own personal racecar. I now spend my free time playing games with friends, hanging out at the racetrack, and building my racecar.

04. Career

My first job out of school was an interesting one. It allowed me to learn more about how a smaller development shop operates. I spent the first two years out of school developing a service-oriented web app with .NET. The product was titled ‘ArMS’ and was meant to be a tool that technicians across multiple different service industries would use while working on site. ArMS would allow technicians to see their work order details, manage invoices, track time, and so much more from anywhere in the world, while also reducing the use of clerical errors. The product was a huge success on the development side but later fell off after I left the company.

After leaving Arete, I found myself at BlindRobot (my current job), where I am a senior mobile application developer, specializing in React Native development. I also spend time working on our dashboard applications built with React.js and also contribute to the development of our microservices.